Ogata Paris, the temple of Wabi-sabi

Wabi-sabi, as you know is a Japanese concept, about the aesthetic spirit, the spiritual character or the philosophical note of a something or someone nothing. Everything is alive. Often, in decoration, we speak of wabi-sabi, when we want to mean that a place is devoid of anything and at the same time, we speak of a return to the essential, to the elementary and rudimentary aspect of the object, etc … The designer Shinihiro Ogata has recently opened up his way of thinking, of seeing the world, of drawing it, of conceiving it and even of tasting it, in Paris, in the Marais. A restaurant, a shop and a pastry shop inhabit this magical place of 600 m2. The temple of the beautiful and the useful. Immersed in the atmosphere of the country at the rising sun, you will be overwhelmed by the flavors of teas, you will feel and finally seduced by the rustic pottery, you will browse (well you will be a little restrained by the price). I was frankly a little disappointed with the dining experience offered on the second floor. I, who had my little orgasmic madeleine in my mouth, with Yakumo Saryo from Tokyo. However, I invite you to take the plunge because the invitation to travel is such that we ignore this mini-disappointment.

Ogata. 16, rue Debelleyme. 75003 Paris. Trip to Tokyo, the land of Wabi-sabi

To read: Wabi-sabi for the use of artists, designers, poets & philosophers. Leonard Koren. Buy from independent bookstores

Restaurant of Master Shinihiro Ogata. Tokyo. Meguro district. Yakumo Saryo .